Practice Charter

Patient Charter

Patient’s Rights to General Medical Services

To be offered a health check on joining a doctor’s list for the first time.

To have appropriate drugs and medicine prescribed.

To be referred to a Consultant acceptable to them when they and their GP thinks it is necessary, and to be referred for a second opinion if they and their GP think it is advisable.

To have access to their health records, subject to any limitations of the law, and to know that those working for the NHS are under a legal duty to keep those records confidential.

To choose whether to take part in research or medical student training.

To receive a copy of their doctors practice leaflet, setting out the services that he or she provides.

To receive a full and prompt reply to any complaints they make about the care they receive at Stourport Medical Centre.

Stourport Medical Centre Philosophy

Our aims are to offer the highest standard of health care and advice to our patients, with the resources available to us.

We have a team approach to patient care and endeavour to monitor the service provided to patients, to ensure that it meets current standards of excellence.

We are dedicated to ensuring that practice staff and doctors are trained to the highest level and to provide a stimulating and rewarding environment in which to work.

Our Practice Charter

You will be treated with courtesy and respect by all practice personnel.

An urgent appointment with a doctor or nurse Practitioner will be available on the same day.

A non-urgent appointment with a doctor will be offered within 48 hours

Our standard is to see 80% of patients within 20 minutes of their appointment time. If you have waited longer than this please ask the receptionist for an explanation.

We aim to answer the telephone within six rings.

An appointment with a practice nurse will be available within three working days.

Requests for repeat prescriptions will be dealt with within 48 hours. This can be in person or by telephoning 01299 827171 between 9am-12noon and 2.00pm-4pm.

All comments and suggestions about the service are welcome. Please use the box provided in the waiting area.

If you have a complaint please speak to any member of staff. Your complaint will be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

We wish to make the Stourport Medical Centre as accessible as possible. If you have hearing, visual or physical difficulties please let the receptionist know so that we can enable you to fully use our services.

Patient’s Responsibilities

If you are unable to attend for an appointment please let us know so that we can offer it to someone else.

If you are late for your appointment you may be asked to rebook at another time. Try to let us know in advance if you are going to be unavoidably delayed, so that we can make alternative arrangements to help you.

A home visit should only be requested for those who are unable to come to the surgery because of serious illness or infirmity. Please ring the surgery before 10am if at all possible.

An urgent appointment is for an urgent medical problem. Please speak to the receptionist if you require a sick note or repeat prescription.

We would ask you to be patient if the doctor is running late. This is often due to unforeseeable emergencies but please ask for an explanation from the receptionist.

Make a separate appointment for each patient that needs to be seen. This allows the doctor enough time to treat each patient with the time that they deserve.

Please act in a responsible and courteous manner whilst on the practice premises for the safety and comfort of others.

Please treat all surgery staff, fellow patients, carers and visitors politely and with respect. Violence or verbal harassment will not be tolerated or accepted, you may be asked to register at another surgery if this behaviour occurs.

How You Can Help Us To Help You

Please read our practice booklet. This will help you to get the best out of the services we offer.

Any comments or suggestions you wish to pass on to us may be either given to a member of staff or ‘posted’ into the box in the entrance lobby of the surgery.

We ask that you treat the doctors and staff with the respect and politeness you would expect to receive from them.

Valuable staff time is often spent in ‘tracking down’ patients who have failed to let us know that they have changed their name or address. Please inform us of any such change as soon as possible.

Please do not call before the suggested time.

If you are unhappy with our service, complaints can be made either to any member of your health care team or, if preferred, to the practice manager in writing. Remember that aggressive or abusive behaviour is not helpful and in extreme circumstances an offending patient will be reported to the police and may be removed from the list.

Violence And Abuse

This is a zero tolerance practice and any incidence of abusive or violent behaviour will lead to the person involved being removed from the practice list and advised to seek another practic