Care Data / Data Sharing

Care Data / Extraction of Personal Data


One of the Government’s key aims is to modernise health services and to improve health outcomes by putting patients first in every decision that the NHS makes.  

Underpinning this vision is the need for high quality information so that everybody can make the right decisions at the right time.  A modern data service is being developed for the NHS that will provide NHS organisations, citizens and researchers with accurate, timely information which will radically transform the way we care for and treat people and continuously improve the services we offer.

Your GP will shortly be required to supply your personal and confidential medical information to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) and NHS England.  Each practice has no choice but to allow them to extract this information.

Individual patients can instruct their practice to stop the transfer of their data, just let a member of reception know to opt you out.  Please make sure you have read all the information from the links below.


How Information about you helps the NHS to provide better care – please read the leaflet that explains about why the NHS needs to share information about you and other questions you may have.

For Official Information from NHS Choices Website please click on this link here Review of health and care data security and consent – GOV.UK (

Frequently Asked Questions For Patients  – Click here

For patient friendly information about see the website

This link is to the Patient Information Leaflet for GPES

To opt out of Care Data Sharing you need to fill in the opt out form and drop it in to reception click here to download the form