Wyre Forest Health Partnership

We are a fully formed partnership of 5 GP surgeries serving over 73,000 patients, with over two hundred staff located in the Wyre Forest area in North Worcestershire. Wyre Forest Health Partnership – WyreForest

In December 2014, York House Medical Centre merged with five other GP surgeries in Wyre Forest; Bewdley Medical Centre, Church Street Surgery,  Hagley Surgery, Stourport Health Centre, and in December 2015,  Kidderminster Medical Centre joined the partnership. 

The Wyre Forest Health Partnership and has over 50 doctors and in excess of 200 staff looking after more than 73, 000 patients. Wyre Forest Health Partnership was formed to enable the GPs and staff in each of the sites to keep traditional primary care values but in a new structure that improves and protects GPs and patient care into the future.

Wyre Forest Health Partnership values patient opinion.  A Patient Representative now sits on the Partnership Board, which oversees the smooth running of the organisation. The Partners believe it is important that the patients’ opinions should be included at the centre of the Partnership’s decision making.  

Wyre Forest Health Partnership will also continue to work with the Patient Groups at each site, to obtain patient and carer opinion about our services.